Sales‘ is a complex internal ecosystem that supports ‘Company Growth and Evolution’.

It is True, the most fundamental organization success model is TRAINING. This fact develops product ‘Knowledge, Confidence, Motivation, and Innovation’. A well-developed Sales Team can ‘ROCKET’ growth! Internal product ‘successes’ can ‘TRUMPET’ your ‘BEST IN CLASS‘ designation.

As a LEADER, you must ‘clear the path’ for the TEAM to follow. Setting ‘Standards, Direction and Goals’ cements the command to deliver on expectations. Cardone University delivers Basic, Refresh, and Advanced Sales Development!

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Training Benefits


  • Hunt (call) on companies to develop leads and identify key decision makers.
  • Own and Manage: Conduct research, qualify leads, secure appointments.
  • Collaborate and Organize: Drive sales.
  • Identify key contacts and decision makers.
  • A Resource.
  • Maintain active communication with targeted materials.
  • Achieve quota of qualified opportunities.
  • Work with SaaS, CRM, B2B and Marketing Systems.
  • Motivate others and have an ambitious work ethic.
  • Matrix across organizational stakeholders and customers.
  • Thrive in fast-paced, always-on, start-up environment.
  • Roll up your sleeves and get the job done.
  • Attention to detail. Commitment to quality.
  • Skills to manage multiple projects with timely execution.
  • Process orientated with a passion for results.
  • Coachable, curious, dedicated to consistent self-improvement.
  • Assertive, persistent, a good listener, and persuasive.
  • Adaptive, think on your feet when faced with challenges, or tough conversations.

  • Motivated and Ambitious!

  • Coachable, Curious, Dedicated!

  • Own and Manage!

  • Get the Job Done!

  • Assertive, Thinking, Tough!

  • Passion for Results!

Video: Cardone University – Grant Cardone – The Rules of Closing ANY SALE in any INDUSTRY

Success Is My Duty, Obligation, and Responsibility Grant Cardone


Your Website is your ‘Portal to the World’. It is imperative to present an impressive site that promotes your products and services. OBR Optimization Engineering understands the ‘Evolution of Web Systems’. Start-up and e-commerce sites can be developed with ‘expansion expectations’.

Evolution of a web presence begins with understanding the client’s ‘business or service intent’. ‘Success of site content delivery’ is in ‘Communication of Details’ important to the customer. Clean content delivery with clear paths to ‘customer intent solutions’ start the ‘Optimization View’. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and e-commerce considerations evolve with ‘dynamic information’ as new technology and content are presented.

In this very serious and competitive market for ‘Customers’, an optimized web presence with SEO and e-commerce considerations is Essential.

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  • Webmaster with SEO, responsive design and mobile requirements.
  • Multi-million dollar brands, as well as medium and small businesses.
  • Full websites, landing pages, blogs, and e-commerce solutions built to maximize conversion ratios.
  • Site migration and build protocols.
  • Migrate websites with attention to title, metadata, and redirections.
  • Setup website goal and event tracking via Google Analytics.
  • Structured data on web pages.
  • Responsive designs that look fantastic on all browsers, and tablets.
  • E-commerce development for customer intent.
  • SEO Best Practice Optimization focus.
  • Flow charts, wireframing, and mockups
  • Interface with Marketing Teams.
  • Time management on deliverables.

  • W3C Systems Excellence!

  • Quality Site Standards!

  • Total Client Satisfaction!

  • Attention to Detail!

  • SEO and E-Commerce Optimization!

  • Global Partners of Choice!

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a fact of sales growth! OBR Optimization Engineering develops digital marketing to assist brands to sell directly to the consumer via Facebook, Amazon, and custom brand websites. OBR Optimization Engineering promotes customer relationships using media, social networks, influencers, search engines, and online traffic sources to maximize sales, and brand loyalty across online channels to deliver customer sales success.

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  • Publishing and advertising on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other relevant platforms.
  • Digital advertising on targeting niche audiences, quality conversions, and consistent follower growth.
  • New ideas and concepts for social media content, and how to expand social media presence.
  • Insights gained from social media.
  • Email marketing campaigns with MailChimp.
  • Analytics and metrics tracking using Google Analytics and Mailchimp Reports.
  • Keyword discovery, expansion, and optimization.
  • Strategic implementation of internet marketing campaigns.
  • Growth of marketing channels and social media influencers.

Talent Wins Games, But Teamwork and Intelligence Win Championships! Michael Jordan