Getting Back to ‘Start-up’, (And Business Growth!)

What is the ‘Fountain of Youth’? For people, it is ‘Health and Vitality’. For business, it is the ‘Start-Up’ (i.e. ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’, ‘Profit Potential’ and ‘Imagination’). Business is the foundation of all ‘Civilized Society’. The development of ‘specialization’ enabled humans to buy what was not their ‘specialty’. Still, businesses have a life cycle: Startup, Growth, Maturity…. Maintenance. Successful businesses (like humans) eventually need to ‘reinvent’ themselves. ‘New technology, Novel Features and Relevant Applications’ (plus ‘Systems Optimization’) play an important factor in determining customer success of a product and business.

The ‘Key’ to business is that humans always consider the possibility that ‘maybe there is something better’! That ‘unknown’ which might deliver on health, fitness, intelligence, and satisfaction. (After the ‘biology and psychology’ of existence plays out, what else is left? (i.e. Business). Even artistic and humanitarian ‘not for profit’ must ‘Live’, at least, via a ‘Break-Even’ scenario. (Else, the entity is ‘short-lived’). And, so, for humans, New, Novel and Relevant is part of the ‘Path and Psyche’ of survival. The ‘system of business’ might even be said to be the foundation of all ‘purposed civilized human life’.

New Technology, Novel Features and Relevant Applications’ are the ‘key elements’ for ‘New Business and Product creation’. (The ‘why’ of success!). Even with ‘existing’ products and markets, capturing ‘additional market share’ requires a ‘new, novel and relevant’ marketing angle. The ‘why’ for the consumer to ‘purchase’ your product vs. the existing option. (Again, the ‘unknown potential‘ is delivered from your ‘pitch’ about your ‘better’ solution).

The ‘Start-up’ is a ‘unique’ phase in business. It is a moment to ‘get it right’ and capture ‘market share’ before the inevitable ‘competitors’ see profit-potential and copy your idea. The ‘start-up’ phase allows development of ‘unique features’ and ‘market niche’. For companies that have reached the potential stagnation point at the ‘Plateau of Maturity’, this is the critical juncture to either develop (

or buy) new products and new market share. (or both!). (i.e. necessary new revenue and profits delivered from ‘Business Growth’).

Value and business development’ are not ‘easy’ achievements. It takes time, effort and wise investment strategies to deliver ‘Business Success’. Though, ‘lessons’ from ‘lack of development’ will spur ‘creation’ of ‘new products and systems’. Voyeursdo study and ‘learn’ from ‘business successes and failures’. So, again, in life, as in business to ‘re-invent’ is to live! Though it must be remembered, successful ‘Start-up’ businesses ‘Optimize Systems’ and deliver better ‘Customer Expectations’ with ‘New Technology, Novel Features and Relevant Applications’ which develops required ‘Business Growth’!

Todd Adams

OBR Optimization Engineering: Lean Six Sigma CI, ERP Software Development, Quality Systems Enhancement, Business Process Improvement, CI Project Work.; POC: Todd Adams,; (424) 241-0290.

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