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The Necessity of ‘Systems’ for ‘Business Growth’!

It may seem obvious to the logically trained that ‘Systems’ are needed, but to the ‘Free Spirit’, ‘rules and regulations’ seem only to ‘Stifle Innovation’. Well, both viewpoints have merit! You must know your objective. The main ‘objective’ of business is to be successful at Return on Investment.

Kanban ‘Use’ for ‘Business Growth’!

The term ‘Kanban’ is generic and describes two approaches to ‘Operations Management’. The first ‘Lean Tool’ Kanban use involves a ‘Production Level’ view where ‘Parts Replenishment’ occurs in a ‘Just in Time’ (JIT) ‘Supply Chain’ system.

Why Use OEE? Does OEE Lead to Business Growth? (Yes!)

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is often used as a production floor Key Performance Indicator (KPI). OEE is calculated with the formula as OEE = (Availability) * (Performance) * (Quality). As an example, if Availability = 82%, Performance = 89% and Quality = 93%, the OEE is calculated as 68%.

Leadership, The Military and Business Growth!

Pre-9/11 Military, (Service: Enlisted Active Duty, ROTC, Ohio Army National Guard (Artillery), (Then, Inactive Ready Reserve), Lieutenant, 10+ years ‘In Boots’). I don’t think it makes a difference if you are ‘Pre or Post’ 9/11 from a military ‘Leadership’ perspective. Why?