Leadership, The Military and Business Growth!

Pre-9/11 Military, (Service: Enlisted Active Duty, ROTC, Ohio Army National Guard (Artillery), (Then, Inactive Ready Reserve), Lieutenant, 10+ years ‘In Boots’). I don’t think it makes a difference if you are ‘Pre or Post’ 9/11 from a military ‘Leadership’ perspective. Why? The U.S. Military ‘Trains as it Fights’. True, there is a ‘Personal Perspective Difference’ when you land ‘Boots on the Ground’, but from a ‘Learned Leadership’ perspective, you must still ‘Deliver the Mission’ on what was trained (to include the ‘Unexpected’). What is the ‘Leadership Take-Away’ from my military experience? (i.e. Did you ‘Learn’ anything? (Yes)).

There is much talk about ‘Integrity’ which is a characteristic espoused as quite ‘Necessary’ as a leadership requirement. This is true. People do ‘Need Standards’ and integrity delivers ‘Required Transparency’. Leadership in the military and in business that ‘Adheres to Integrity’ can’t go far wrong.

There are ‘Traits’ that become apparent with ‘Successful Leadership’. At least from a military perspective, ‘How to Lead’ became a personal goal. It is ‘not’ something that I was ever specifically told or which I discovered in a book. Leadership is a very ‘well-worn’ word as there is much said and written on the subject. One expression that, I believe, is accurate in describing successful leadership would be the phrase ‘Servant Leader’. (i.e. ‘Give’ more than you ‘Get’!).

The ‘Best’ way to achieve mission success is to utilize the ‘Natural Leadership’ of the team. The same is true in business, you need to use the ‘Strength of the Team’ to accomplish the mission.

Team development is essential. One aspect of the military is that you don’t get to pick the team. At least initially. You must ‘Train’ the team you are ‘Given’. As in business, it is ‘Best’ to try and ‘Train-up’ the team you inherit. Still, it is essential (and ‘Fortuitous’) when a ‘Great Team Lead’ (Leaders) can deliver on team/mission goals.

Picking those team members who ‘Excel’ at knowledge, enthusiasm and proactive activities goes a long way towards ‘Delivery of the Mission’ (The only ‘Real’ result of which you are ‘Judged’). One benefit of ‘Lifting the ‘Team’ is that as the team ‘Rises’ so you will ‘Rise’. Business development (i.e. Growth), as in the military, starts with the delivery of ‘Today’s Goals’ so that ‘Clarity of Thought’ can plan and deliver ‘Tomorrow’s Goals’.

Todd Adams

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