Clarity of Purpose and Business Growth!

Question: Why are you in business? Answer: To provide a product or service to fulfill a ‘Need’ that will be ‘Compensated’ by the customer for ‘Value’ delivered. ‘Need’ can be defined as an ‘Urgency’ in a customer to solve a ‘Problem’ which the Sales and Marketing team has made clear to the customer. The ‘Mission’ of business is to be successful at attaining Compensation’ for that value delivered.

What does this have to do with Lean Six Sigma? Everything! Lean leads to efficiency which leads to clarity. Clarity is a ‘Product’ of efficiency which is the focus of Lean. This is the ‘Circle of Innovation! This ‘Business Equation’ ‘Works’ best when the operation’s systems are led by those who understand Lean. Operational clarity starts with a well-defined system. The Value Stream Map (VSM) is the main Lean ‘Tool’ to define the ‘System’ with a ‘Current State’ and an envisioned ‘Future State’ of Optimization. Lean methodologies allow a ‘Clarity’ of purpose so that the ‘Future State’ of Optimization can be achieved.

Business Operations include ‘Sales and Marketing’ which also follow ‘Systems’ to ‘Sell’ the customer’ on the company’s ‘Best’ solution to their need. After the sale, Sales and Marketing will follow additional ‘Systems’ to keep that customer ‘Delighted’!

Lean is essential to clarify the company’s ‘Business Purpose’ and keep Operations, Engineering, Finance, Sales and Marketing, and Customer Service ‘On-Point’ to deliver the company’s ‘Best’ products and services. Innovation is developed from ‘Efficient’ Systems which deliver ‘Quality’ Products to solve customer ‘Needs’ which leads to Business Growth! A company’s ‘Competitive Advantage’ is maintained with Lean Six Sigma Systems! 

Todd Adams

OBR Optimization Engineering: Lean Six Sigma CI, ERP Software Development, Quality Systems Enhancement, Business Process Improvement, CI Project Work.; POC: Todd Adams,; (424) 241-0290.

As the Famous Sales Guru Grant Cardone says, 10X your OBSESSION!

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