The A3 Report Leads to ‘Best in Category’. (Plus Increased Revenue from Business Growth!)

What is an A3 Report? The A3 Report is a problem-solving template based on the Lean ‘Thought Process’ of ‘Plan Do Check Act’ (PDCA) which mimics the natural thought process to ‘Solve a Problem’. (A process you don’t need to go to school to learn). Really, if you have a ‘Problem’ you will naturally try the ‘Best’ logical solution. If that solution ‘Works’ you will ‘Continue On’. If that solution does not work, you will ‘Retry’ with the next logical solution. This ‘Natural’ problem-solving thought process is followed in the A3 Report.

Why use the A3 Report? Here are 4 Reasons: 1) Document and solidify your Continuous Improvement efforts. 2) Provide a ‘Template’ to train associates on a ‘Natural’ solution discovery process. 3) Provide a ‘Reference History’ to solve recurring issues. And 4) Allow a constructive path for associates to participate in CI efforts.

Still, the ‘Real’ question is how do you get associates to participate in the use of the A3 Report? Like it or not, the A3 Report, like the ‘Suggestion Box’, can get regularly ignored. One suggestion on circumventing this issue is to have a ‘Motivating CI Leader’ who can instill a ‘Need’ to participate. The ‘Carrot or the Stick’ philosophy is useful in understanding associate participation. Good cycle time data can drive Continuous Improvement suggestions from the ‘Belief’ that associate solutions are better than leader solutions. This approach is beneficial as it allows the associate to ‘Speak’ and leadership to ‘Listen’ which can develop positive ‘Team Behaviors’. An A3 Report ‘Carrot’ could be incentives in the form of ‘Cash Cards’ or ‘Team Meals’ given for ‘Goals and Improvements attained’. Also, Rewards promote ‘Positive Behaviors and Attitudes’.

Efficient Operations from the use of the A3 Report delivers Quality Products to customer ‘Key Characteristic’ expectations which can promote ‘Brand’ awareness and a revenue ‘Price’ premium. Customers will ‘Pay’ for the convenience of ‘Operation Speed and Product Quality’. The A3 Report develops ‘BUSINESS GROWTH’ by allowing a ‘Path’ for a company to be ‘BEST IN CATEGORY’!

Todd Adams

OBR Optimization Engineering: Lean Six Sigma CI, ERP Software Development, Quality Systems Enhancement, Business Process Improvement, CI Project Work.; POC: Todd Adams,; (424) 241-0290.

As the Famous Sales Guru Grant Cardone says, 10X your OBSESSION!

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